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Exprinter International Bank

We are a bank with a tradition and track record of operating in the market for more than three decades.

We are regulated, supervised, and controlled by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten.


By providing the most effective financial solutions at any time and place, creating lasting value for each of them.


Easily apply for, access, and operate a wide range of credit products and investments.




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› Account in dollars
› No opening fees
› Local and international transfers (IBAN/SWIFT)
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› Online Banking

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Credit Card

› Flexible limit, you decide how much credit line you want to assign
› Make purchases in millions of stores worldwide
› International access to the ATM network
› Travel assistance, accident insurance, and travel medical insurance when purchasing the air ticket with the EIB credit card
› Card delivery to anywhere in the world where you are

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Term Deposits

› Deposits in US dollars or euros
› Terms adaptable to each client's liquidity
› Flexible interest payments according to the amount and term


Stocks and bonds

› Buying and selling of securities
› Professional advice from specialists
› Multiple investment options
› Diversified portfolios according to criteria selected by the client
› Sovereign and corporate debt instruments


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Help Center

Answer to the most common doubts about banking.
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1. How can I open a bank account at EIB?

Step 1: You can initiate the account opening request online through the EIB BANK website You will need a valid identification document, proof of address, which can be public utilities, bank account statements, or cards, and take a selfie to validate your identity.
Step 2: Once the online application is successfully completed, a representative from EIB BANK will contact you shortly to finalize the opening process. We will request additional information, your signature on the account registration forms, and an identity certification by a public notary.
Step 3:
Once the required documentation is received, your account will be opened within 48 hours, and we will send you all the necessary information to start operating with EIB.

2. Who can open a bank account at EIB?

Any non-resident individual of legal age can open a bank account at EIB.

3. How do I access and operate my account?

From the EIB website: or by using our iPhone or Android applications.

4. What is the minimum required amount to open a bank account at EIB?

The minimum amount to open a bank account at EIB is USD 10.000.

5. Can I open a bank account at EIB from any country?

Yes, except from non-cooperative countries for the OECD and countries on the OFAC sanctions list.

6. What is the tax treatment of my account at EIB?

As a non-resident account, there are no taxes payable in Curaçao. The tax treatment will depend on the tax laws and regulations of the account holder's country of residence. Al ser cuenta de no residente no paga impuestos en Curaçao. El tratamiento impositivo es el del país de residencia del titular.

7. Do my name and personal information need to be reported to any regulatory or government agency?

Yes, personal data must be reported to the tax authority of Curaçao, Inspectie der Belastingen, who will, in turn, report them for the purposes of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) of the OECD for the automatic exchange of tax information.Si, los datos personales deben ser informados a la autoridad fiscal de Curaçao, Inspectie der Belastingen, quien a su vez los reportará a los efectos del CRS (Common Reporting Standard) de la OCDE para el intercambio automático de información fiscal.

8. How do I deposits and withdraw funds from my account?

Deposits can be made through bank transfers.
Withdrawals of funds can be done through bank transfers or by cash withdrawals at ATMs using your VISA credit card. Soon, we will be launching our prepaid Visa card, and you will also be able to withdraw funds with this card.

9. What regulations does my bank account at EIB comply with?

Your bank account at EIB is subject to the regulations of the Central Bank of Curaçao (Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten).

10. Where can I find information about the registration of EIB?
11. What is the cost of the products and services?

Learn about the costs, commissions and conditions of EIB Bank products and services here.

12. Where can I find information about the registration of EIB?

The fixed rate depends on the amount and term of the deposit, consult the rate by clicking here


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